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  1. Filler Comic!

    Alright, dudes and dudettes, Rhan here and geared to apologize. The lame excuses are, to whit:

    1. I am still unpacking from a move.
    2. The MCATs are sucking the ichor of my soul (…and converting it to ichor, so there)
    3. DC and I got to hang out last weekend and spent it executing the dire schemes of our grand camarilla. Many of these involved rootbeer, at least in the plotting stages.
    4. I am trying to finish absolutely everything before my brother ships off to Afghanistan and I start working full-time at the hospital.

    That’s right, folks, I have a job, the GREs, and the MCATs all planned for the next month. If you shoot me, please wait until my official start date; until then I am blissfully uninsured. Anyway, in lieu of a real comic update for awhile, here are two drawings:

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