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  1. The Final Frontier

    Well, it’s midterms again, so this week you all get an illustration. This is a cover design for a potential mini comics series called “Foreigner” that I came up with for a dystopic literature class project. If Mass Effect, Dr. Who, and any movie with John Wayne made a marginally disturbing film franchise, that is perhaps the closest approximation for this idea I can come up with. There may be a little NOVA in there too.

    I will say this much for art school: if you ever want to be considered a valid authority on science without actually knowing a whole lot about it yourself, I highly recommend it. That being said, “Foreigner” may or may not have something to do with the FOXO gene.

    In other comics news, got a copy of Charles Burn’s “X’ed Out” today. This purchase was based firmly on two facts:

    1) It is by Charles Burns, whose lack of carpal tunnel problems is a perpetual mystery.

    2) It was described as “Tintin in Hell”

    I cannot see how this book could possibly be anything short of incredible

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